Thursday, December 18, 2008

My camera

December 13th was my birthday. I got a camera from Grandpa and Grandma, and I have had so much fun with it ever since that time so thanks a lot. I also received ton of other wonderful stuff from everyone at my party, thanks to everyone for the presents. These pictures were taken with my camera when it snowed at our house. Cassie and Anna came over and we took a lot of pics of each other and Levi was playing with us as well.

Marry Christmas everyone!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Yesteday was my moms birthday and I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday. She has been such an influence to me and loving,king,carrying,generous,beautiful, and most of all beautiful in the inside. She is the BEST mom anyone and everyone could ask for. She can do so many wonderful things like cook wonderful meals, have all of us kids, and much much more. God has blessed her with so many things in the world. I would never be here without my mom and would never be writing this for her. Yesterday morning Kaila made a brunch for mom and I helped Kaila, it was so yummy I wish you all could of had it. I love you mom!!!
And Happy Birthday

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tami's Wonderful Life

Tami is a cute little girl, she takes care of me and teaches me English. She is having fun with me.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who went to school and Tami was her name. Then when she got older she got married and had eight kids. And then when she was done with her kids
she went on a wine tour.

The end

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thanks to Uncle John!!!

Two days ago Uncle John surprised me, Mercy, and Emma. He took us to lunch, the Family Fun center, the dollar store, the park, and then we went to get ice cream . We first went to lunch at Quiznos and that was so yummy. Then we went to the Family fun center and we went on the go carts and that was very fun. Then we went to the dollar store and me and Mercy got the same matching earrings. Then we went and got ice cream-mmmm so good. Then we went to the park and played tag and did hot lava monster. It was a "BLAST." We had the best time ever. Thank you so so so so much Uncle John for taking us girls.

With love,
Esther Hope Anderson.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!

NOAH is such a wonderful brother. Today NOAH is 1 years old today! Well it is sad because he has the measles. Grandpa and Grandma came over tonight for his birthday and we all had dinner together and then NOAH opened his presents. NOAH got very cute clothes and toys from Grandpa and Grandma. Isn't Noah the cutest boy in the world. Grandpa and Grandma just left. Noah is such a big boy it seems like just yesterday he was 11 months. Time goes by so fast.

-Your sister Esther-

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Old pictures of our family!!

My Mom, Age-8 months

Me(Esther), Mom,Dad, Ellie, Kaila, Kolten, Karissa,
Karissa,Kaila,Me(Esther),Kolten,Collin, Alex,
Me(Esther), Age-3 months
Levi Emry, Age-5 months
Kaila, and Karissa,
Karissa Anneli, Age-4 days old
Karissa Anneli,
Kaila Antoinette,
Kaila Annoinette,
Kaila Annoinette,
Katrina Grace, Age-6 weeks
Karissa Anneli,
Karissa Anneli,
Karissa,and Kaila,
Kaila Antoinette,
Me(Esther), Ellie Kaitrin,
Ellie Kaitrin, Age-2
Levi, Age-15 Months
Ellie Kaitrin, Age-3
Levi Emry, Age-
Ellie,Me(Esther), Kaila,Levi,Karissa,and Kolten
Kolten Victor
Kolten Victor

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My new header and dress

Today Kolten made me a new header. Do you like it? Today my Mummu (Grandma) came over, and she made me a beautiful dress. Thank you so much Mummu for the dress, I love it. I will post about my dress sooner or later. I'm getting ready for church, so I gotta go.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Emma and Ellie

This is Ellie and Emma when they were little doing the alphabet in sign language. Aren't they cute!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cousin's and more

Cousin Destiny and sister Karissa
Emma and Ellie
Cousin David
Cousin Anna,and sister Ellie
Cousin Cassie
Cousin Emma and Anna and sister Ellie
Cousin Maliee
Cousin Murren
Cousin Kaylee
Cousin Devin
Cousin Jonathan
Cousin Abigail
Cousin Mercy
Cousin Destiny
Cousin Anna
Cousin Kaleb
Cousin Collin
Hi everyone, what have you been up to? Dad, Kolten, and Levi just left camping this morning at 9:00 am. Just thought I should put pictures of my cousins. But I don't think I can do all of them because there are 30 Grandkids altogether, counting my family and me.