Friday, December 14, 2007

My 10th Birthday.

Hello, Yesterday was my birthday. Well I was going to do a tea party and Mom had already called all the people that were coming to my party and they all said they could come. Then the Goldman's wanted to go with us in our car so they did. Then we finally got there, and the workers there said that we could not come in because we didn't make reservation's and we had too many people. We had 19. So we ended up going to Mexican restaurant with our pretty outfits on but it was fun. Then we got home and I tried on all of my clothes that I got for my birthday. After that me and mom went shopping just for stuff. Then we came home and we ate food. After we ate, Mom, Me, Kaila and Noah went shopping again. So that's what I did yesterday. What I got for my birthday was clothes, jewelery and a beautiful watch from Mom. So that was the end of my fun day. Thank you everyone for great presents and a wonderful party.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007