Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hello Everyone

Cassie and I dressing up

Ellie and I dressing up

Yesterday Grandpa took me and Karissa to the radio show. Grandpa Ken is wonderful I love him. God bless you all. Hope you like my blog. I have lots of cousins 21. I love to play with Cassie and Mercy, Cassie is 9 years old, Mercy is 8 years old. I collect my little pony`s. I love dolls and baby's, Victorian stuff too. Burgundy is my favorite color. My wonderful Mom is pregnant, its great. Ellie makes really good popcorn. My wonderful Dad preaches. well its nice to post. bye

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

School Day

Today we did school. Mom and me went grocery shopping,and got allot of grocery`s.
Yesterday Dad, Kaila and David came back from North Carolina they had fun. It was exiting when they came back. I'm glad that I get to post finally.Our Internet wasn't working for a long time, but Dad fixed it.Here are a few pics.