Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Move, and other pictures

Abigail, Murren, Mercy, Me, Cassie, and Anna
drinking Blue Sky's New Years day.
Mercy and me being silly (don't try this at home)
Mercy,Cassie and I
This is the cousins around Grandpa Ken,there still is a family missing though.
Cassie wearing Grandpa's glasses
Me (Esther) wearing Grandpa's glasses
Tami wearing Grandpa's glasses
This is my little cousin Kaylee she lives in Washington
This is my little sister Katrina
This is Kaylee
This is my little cousin Ethan, Kaylee's younger brother

Our family moved to Eagle Point, OR. We were pretty shocked when we found out we were going to buy a house. We lived in our old house for
8 years now and I'm pretty sad to leave it. Our new house is only five years old and that is pretty new,it's very nice.